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2014 Employee of the Year Award

Sponsored by

Citizens’ Association of Palm Beach

Palm Beach Civic Association


20 14Employee of the Year

Town Manager Peter Elwell, Civic President Ned Barnes, Honored Employee Adis Pedraza, Mayor Gail Coniglio and Citizens’ Chairman Lew Crampton
Photo by 2nd Vice Chairman of the Citizens Association Donald Singer

The Citizens’ Association, once again, is proud to co-sponsor the Town’s Employee of the Year Award with the Palm Beach Civic Association. The Town’s Purchasing Manager, Adis Pedraza, hired eight years ago. Mrs. Perdraza became acting Purchasing Manager last year and was elevated to that permanent position in August. Mrs. Perdraza was pleasantly surprised when she received $3,500 from the Associations, a plaque and

The award ceremony was held at the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, November 14, 2014 at the Kravis Center. The Chamber speaker of the month was Jeff Greene, owner of our neighborhood Omphoy Resort Palm Beach.

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