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We are pleased to announce the completed unexecuted BMA draft is available here for your review.

The Department will present the draft BMA to the proposed BMA participants in the coming weeks. Further, the Department will post a spreadsheet of its response to the comments received during the last comment period in the near future.

Citizens’ Association Chairman Lew Crampton, left, and Town Manager Peter Elwell listen to a speaker at the first meeting of the Palm Beach Island Beach Management Agreement Project.

After the Department presents the BMA to each governing body, the Department will publish a Notice of Intent to Enter Into A Binding Ecosystem Management Agreement and the Final unexecuted BMA. The Notice of Intent will include a Notice of Rights with instruction on how an individual may exercise any rights they may have under Chapter 120, Fla. Stat.

The Participants, Cooperating Agencies and DEP will execute the agreement at the conclusion of the period set forth in the Notice of Rights, unless a sufficient petition for administrative hearing is received. Once executed, the implementation of our pilot program will begin!  I am very appreciative of our collective efforts to develop the BMA and the progress we have made to complete this project.

Sincerely yours,

Danielle H. Irwin
Deputy Director, Beach Management, Mining & ERP
Division of Water Resource Management
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
(850) 488-7708

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